Bob on Rob
By Bob Cianfrone, Executive Creative Director, Deustch

F-16 pilot. Free diving breath-holding champion. The original “Dr. Deltoid” of the bodybuilding circuit. The list of things Rob Bajohr is not goes on and on. And they are fun to document. But alas, this is a celebration of what Rob is. And folks, Rob Bajohr is many things.

An army brat raised on healthy doses of government cheese. A skate rat who lived on Oahu and thinks it’s okay to say “brah.” A savant of the stylus. His advertisement conceptualizations dwarf those of people with regular-sized brains. But to see Rob open Photoshop, retouch an unattractive person out of a picture and then save that image in the proper folder is to see mastery in motion. He’s a versatile creative director who is willing to give credit – and his workload – to someone else. If anyone knows shortcuts in InDesign, it’s Rob. Whenever there’s a need for Illustrator, Rob knows right where to find it in his Applications folder. Of course, Rob will never brag about it. That’s Rob for you. 

Basically, Rob is the onion of the ad world. On one level, he’s a maker of half-pipes and attender of flexibility seminars. Dig a little deeper and you’ll discover a Tilt-a-Whirl-operating, Wu Tang-listening, McDonald’s hamburger-flipping renaissance man with a killer book in one bear paw and a kale pineapple mint smoothie in the other. The best part is, he does it with an easy style and grace that says “I’m better than you.” 

If you take away one thing, dear reader, let it be this. Whether you’re building an advertising agency, looking for great talent or just trying to lift a heavy object, Rob is your man. If you’re thinking creative direction, think Rob. If you’re thinking art direction and design, think Rob. Come to think of it, whatever you’re doing right now, stop and think Rob. It’s guaranteed to make you feel better.